Follow this informative guide to complete Lost Ark's 'The Forest Where Fairies Sing' questline and generate the Forest Minuet sheet music.

Lost Ark's quest, "The Forest Where Fairies Sing," is a crucial task in the game's progression. To move forward, players must complete this quest and acquire Forest's Minuet, an invaluable sheet music piece necessary to finish the Whispering Minuet Daily Quest and get Mokoko Seeds.

However, completing this quest could be a challenge. If you find yourself stuck on the way, this detailed guide can help you complete the quest effortlessly without wasting any time.

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The Forest Where Fairies Sing: Getting Started

To begin your pursuit, build your way to Lullaby Island, situated south of Tortoyk. Upon arriving, you'll encounter Traveler Eclipse, an amiable NPC who supports the key to initiating the mission. The NPC will disclose to you the presence of a mysterious fairy hidden around the island. However, to be able to initiate the conversation using the NPC, you have to first fulfill certain prerequisites which are crucial to the progression of the sport.


Your minimum character level should be 50.

You should have unlocked a chance to sail.

You should have acquired the Song of Resonance.

First Fairy Location: Whistling

Assuming you've completed all of the necessary prerequisites, the next task is to discover the location shown around the map by using the fairy's voice. Once you reach your destination, you will need to interact using the fairy in a specific manner, with the correct dialogue options.

Warning: Choosing the wrong option can lead to having to restart the dialogue.

Correct Replies



Whistle Again.

Second Fairy Location: I Can Hear You

Now, you're ready to move on to the next phase. You'll need to discover the fairy once more, at the place marked around the map.

Correct Replies

Put down shiny pebbles.

Remember me?

It's a present.

Wait quietly.

Third Fairy Location: It’s Okay, Miss Fairy

Finally, look for the fairy one further time around the marked location and supply the correct responses.

Correct Replies

Just watch.

Listen together with your back to her.

I’m listening.

I’ll search for one.


No worries. I’m an adventurer.

Performs Three Magick Melody Events

To conclude your pursuit, build your way toward the secret entrance located around the map. Keep in mind that the entrance might not be visible in the beginning, so have patience and hold back until it reopens. Once you've gained access, you'll be tasked with completing the Magick Melody event by playing the Song of Resonance.

Upon completing the event, you'll be rewarded having a chest containing the Voice from the Forest. This process must be repeated two more times before returning to the fairy. Once you've gathered the 3 Voices from the Forest, reach back towards the fairy and connect to her to accomplish the quest and acquire the Forest’s Minuet sheet music.