FNF The Brighterside is one of the most well known FNF Mod in view of the Friday Night Funkin game. This The Brighterside FNF Mod is somewhat troublesome so you can play it on Simple mode. In This FNF The Brighterside Mod, Sweetheart re-visitation of the Brightside universe for another take.

The Brighterside is a finished redesign of the first Brightside mod separated with the first proprietor and transformed into its own different mod. You should play FNF Mistful Red Morning Slaughter and FNF FunkWeen! Large Bounce

How to Play?
You can utilize WASD or Bolt Keys to play The Brighterside FNF Online Mod on your PC. You need to press the keys as notes arrive at the judgment line. You can Begin or Delay The Brighterside Mod utilizing Enter key.