Nels Moxness is a respected Canadian business leader with a wealth of experience in various industries, including finance, real estate, construction, and international trade. As the former President and CEO of VELUX Canada Inc. and former-Chairman of the Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Nels has consistently demonstrated his ability to transform businesses and contribute positively to the local community. Today, Nels applies his vast expertise to the real estate industry, managing hundreds of units across Ontario, with a strategic focus on southern and northern Ontario. Working with CPM Properties a property management company the goal of transforming neglected residential apartments into highly livable and desirable spaces is something which is very much in demand Nels and CPM have been hghly successful at achieving that goal.

Nels began his educational journey at Algonquin College International Education Centre in Ottawa, followed by an Executive MBA from Dieu University in Amsterdam. He further studied at McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies and gained valuable finance experience at Lyng DeVillers Chartered Accountants in Montreal.  These diverse educational and work experiences have provided Nels with the foundation to excel in entrepreneurial and corporate environments.

As President and CEO of VELUX Canada Inc., Nels spearheaded a team dedicated to creating better living environments. Under his leadership, VELUX became Canada’s most preferred and trusted skylight brand. It was recognized for its high-quality products, including The No Leak Skylight, SUN TUNNEL skylights, roof windows, and the innovative modular skylight system. Nels’ ability to build strong relationships within the industry and drive growth has left a lasting impact on the company.

Nels’ international business acumen was showcased through his work with the Danish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As Chairman, Nels played a pivotal role in promoting and fostering Danish-Canadian business relations, effectively creating a platform for members to interact with one another and engage with the broader business community. This experience further solidified Nels’ ability to bridge connections across different industries, regions, and cultures.

Today, Nels Moxness is the owner of several real estate companies across Canada, with hundreds of units under his management in both northern and southern Ontario  - Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury and Niagara. Driven by his vision to transform these properties into highly livable and appealing units, Nels uses his extensive experience in design, construction, and business development to remodel, rebuild, and improve living spaces. His focus on providing desirable and well-maintained units reflects his commitment to creating a positive impact on both the residents who call these properties home and the local community as a whole.

Beyond simply managing properties, Nels actively seeks opportunities to make a difference in the lives of Ontario residents. His approach to real estate is community-focused, prioritizing the well-being of his tenants and creating better living environments for the people in these Ontario neighborhoods, whether it be as far north as Sudbury or south as Welland.

Nels is a multifaceted business professional with a history of successful entrepreneurship and impactful leadership in various industries. His continuous evolution as a business leader showcases his adaptability and determination in the face of new challenges. As he manages and transforms properties throughout Ontario, Nels demonstrates his unwavering commitment to improving local communities while providing both his tenants and the broader community with a brighter future. It is well known there is a dire shortage of good quality residential dwellings in Ontario in general.  Nels and CPM management will continue to seek out opportunities to help resolve and contribute as best it can to providing better living spaces for potential residents.