But how effective is this practice? If the goal of Celebrity Product Placement is to get
press coverage, can we measure the value of gift-bag placements? What types of
products are suitable and which are not? And what level of control does this strategy
offer badder shammas marketers both in terms of demographics and reach?

There is no denying the value of being associated with these glitzy events, and by
extension, the celebrities who populate them. On the plus side, they offer a rare
opportunity to get close to the biggest stars in the world. On the minus side, the
marketer has no control in matching up celebrities who hold sway over their
particular demographic. They have to play the cards they are dealt.

Gifting-the-talent at award shows virtually guarantees mentions in the celebrity
press at the time of the event; but without permission to associate the celebrity's
name and likeness with the product, marketers don't have the leeway to truly
leverage those relationships in their own press activities.