Introduction to the Alpha Heater:

The Alpha Heater, a product marketed by Ontel Products Corporation, is a compact ceramic space heater designed to be lightweight and portable. With dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 x 9.4 inches and a weight of 1.45 pounds, it is positioned as an efficient solution for heating smaller spaces. The product is primarily sold through its official website,

Key Features of the Alpha Heater:

The Alpha Heater boasts several key features, including:

  1. Advanced Ceramic Heating Technology: Utilizes advanced ceramic PTC heating technology to heat rooms rapidly.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Claims to use up to 30% less energy than traditional space heaters.
  3. Lightweight and Portable: Designed with a built-in carry handle for easy transportation.
  4. Heating Modes: Offers 750W and 1500W heating modes to cater to different heating needs.
  5. Digital LED Display: Displays the current room temperature through a digital LED display.
  6. Safety Features: Includes overheat protection, anti-tip auto shutoff, and a 12-hour programmable timer.

The Alpha Heater gained attention in November 2021 through a viral Facebook video showcasing its fast heating capabilities and energy-saving features.