In the upcoming version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail, a new light cone is rumored to be introduced as the primary weapon for characters from the nihility path. This addition is expected to bring a fresh dimension to the strategic gameplay for players who prefer the nihility path, offering them unique abilities and tactics.

The nihility path in Honkai: Star Rail is renowned for its strategic depth, allowing players to build rosters that can effectively diminish the capabilities of their enemies. Characters following this path excel in the debuffer role, employing skills that inflict a variety of debuffs on adversaries, thereby weakening their strength and resilience.

Currently, there are nine distinct characters in Honkai: Star Rail who adhere to the nihility path, with the recent addition of Acheron in version 2.1. These characters play crucial roles as damage dealers and contribute to enhancing the offensive prowess of their teams. By utilizing a diverse array of blessings, they can significantly boost damage over time (dot), break efficiency, and break effect, enabling them to swiftly overcome formidable foes. Overall, characters aligned with the nihility path possess the ability to apply potent status effects and unleash substantial damage through dot, making them formidable assets in battles.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

Oneiric Shards are a vital resource in Honkai Star Rail, primarily utilized to upgrade and enhance the skills of the game's Valkyries and Stigmata, thereby boosting character power and effectiveness. Players can acquire Oneiric Shards through various in-game activities such as completing story missions, event rewards, and daily challenges, as well as through competitive modes like Abyss or Memorial Arena. For those looking to expedite their progress, a Honkai Star Rail top up can be performed on game trading platforms, allowing players to purchase Oneiric Shards with real currency and gain a more immediate enhancement to their gameplay experience.

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