Currently in beta in the US, it is planned to launch in the US and other countries later this year. The director of marketing for the European business told Adweek that given the nature of people getting inspiration for action on the platform, it was natural Germany Email List for us to launch shopping ads on... Advertisement Video games are also becoming more shoppable, which we'll really preview throughout the year. Some of the new releases that we're going to see, for example, this is a personal shopper, based on algorithms, in terms of taste. “Shopping is the new cardio The program aims to develop a personalized shopping destination that will give brands more ways to tap into trends and creators. What looks like a sales pitch is actually meant to differentiate itself from other platforms. and the head of the partnership told us that the investment is aimed at making shopping as inspiring as possible, like flipping through your favorite catalog pages or walking down a store aisle as if it was made just for you. . Personalization with a focus on automation and insights capabilities are keywords for advertising partners to get more out of user data.

Designed to help retailers better understand how consumers move from research to purchase intent. It is now being tested at select merchants in the US and allows shoppers to purchase products without being redirected. These innovations are especially important for small and medium retail partners to grow their business. They also aim to emphasize that this is a place for shopping rather than shopping. Additional features were announced at the summit. Merchant data was already processed last month. They allow brands to showcase values ​​such as inclusiveness or responsible sourcing on their profiles. Additionally, they can also show which community they belong to. Data from shows that profiles are more likely to close a sale when merchant details are selected. The platform points out that personalized shopping is more interesting. That's why we also invest in value-based shopping and guide people to brands that share a common goal or interest with them. The verified merchants program was also extended to Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Help users find verified brands.

They will again receive an improved distribution and haveVerification will appear on their profile. One of the new ideas being tested is paid collaborative creative advertising. This feature is a joint partnership between creators and advertisers. So when a creator posts a creative graph, they tag the relevant tag. It's another option for companies and creators to reach a wider audience. The goal is to improve the process of paid collaboration, which will make it easier to trade branded content. This will provide more ways for creators to make money. Traders are particularly interested in announcing trend improvements. This key update provides deep insight into the popularity of any topic on the platform. Businesses in the US, Canada, and the UK will see new features added to the Trends tool, including real-time search data, more trend types, more sophisticated audience tools, and customized trend recommendations for your business. Later this year, we will roll out this tool to other countries around the world. Users also expressed interest in their style card, a promotional option for brands to maximize their charting efforts.


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