In the present scenario, many significant backlogs have been reported in the processing of Canadian citizenship in Canada. citizenship by investment program Those who are eagerly waiting to wholeheartedly take the last step in their move to becoming Canadian has to meet further delays because of the ongoing reform activities. As per the recent report from the spokesperson of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), there are approximately 24, 000 individuals whose application for Canadian Citizenship are facing a delay in processing that range between 21 to 29 months. This also strongly indicate that those who are perfectly eligible for citizenship in Canada at present may not successfully become citizen sooner or later to vote in the forthcoming federal election in 2015.

The ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the federal Government is taking all the necessary steps in order to perfectly ensure that the overall processing times are immediately reduced in the larger interest of the public. On the other hand, those who applied long back and still waiting in the queue feel that this type of delay is causing them mental stress and physical strain to a great extent. According to the latest report from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), there is a 30% increase in demand since 2006 for Canadian citizenship. This particular increase has happened because of the large number of applicant who applied for Canadian permanent resident.

The concerned authority is working without sufficient resources in hand for the last couple of years. Lack of manpower within the department is also causing hurdles in the processing activities of the application. On the other hand, lack of cooperation and coordination among the staffs of the concerned ministry is felt as the main culprit in the application processing activities from the initial stage. In this situation, the need of the hour is some immediate solution from the federal government in this particular issue.

Canadian permanent residents should meet certain requirement in order to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship. The applicant should be 18 years or older in age at the time of applying. Those who are below the age of 18 years, the legal guardian or the parents of a child are eligible for applying for citizenship on their behalf. The applicant should have permanent resident status in Canada. The said status shouldn't be "in doubt". He or she shouldn't be facing any immigration investigations pending. The applicant should live in Canada for three of the last four years without any break. The applicant should have good knowledge of French or English. It should be support with proof of proficiency documents or certificates. The applicant should pass a citizenship test with good score. The applicant should face any prohibition due to criminal activities from obtaining citizenship.